Want a little more elbow room?  Hittin' the road for a little fun and adventure?

Need a place to stash surprise guests? 

Sounds like you need a Makation...

Kits, Plans, & Options

Here you'll find all of the Kits & Plans needed to customize your Makation.

Makation Road Gypsy Wagon

Includes exterior paint & trim color of your choice, interior primed walls, sealed vinyl floor, & curtains.  Call for availability.

Makation Interior

Includes a convertible bed/bench combination with cushions. Two cabinets each with one drawer.  Water and electrical system sold separately.   Add 100 lbs. to weight of trailer. Available on pre-built models at this time.

Shop Manual

Sixty page fully illustrated shop manual. Full of tips and techniques for building your own gypsy wagon.

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Construction Plans for 5' x 8' Road Gypsy

Complete building plans for a 5 x 8' Road Gypsy wagon.

Includes templates for all the difficult parts, material lists, and schematic drawings. Also includes free technical support and a copy of our shop manual. (Let us know if you already have it.)

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Plywood for 5 x 8' Roof

2 sheets 1/4" AB marine plywood

precut to 64" and 32"

for 5 x 8' road gypsy roof

Shipping charges are approximate. Contact us for accurate rate!

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Curved Kit for 5 x 8' Road Gypsy Wagon

4 main rafters, 1 gable rafter, 1 king/jack rafter, 3 more jack rafters,

2 solid hip rafters, 1 solid fascia, 1 solid door casing

Shipping charges are approximate. Contact us for accurate rate!

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Window Kit 28"

27-3/4 x 27" window

precut sticking for glass

does not include glass

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Plumbing Kit

3 gallon supply and waste water jugs

supply and drain lines, connections

sink, hand pump, and instructions

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Electric Kit

12 watt solar panel, rechargeable battery pack

3 led lamps with switches

usb port and adapters

wiring, connections, fasteners, and instructions

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