STOP!  If you want the same trailer as everyone else, this is not for you. 



If you long for a place to wander, adventure yet to happen, and of a trailer unlike any other, proceed with caution... This is about to get fun!


Who says you need a heavy, expensive, complicated travel trailer ?

You'll find kits, plans, & built options for light weight, efficient Gypsy Wagons. We'll help you make and customize your own escape from reality.

Gypsy Wagons, Kits & Plans

We offer Kits & Plans for Gypsy inspired small travel trailers, tiny houses, or extra living space in a light weight package. Ready to roll models available, call for details.

Road Gypsy Wagons are more than just incredibly efficient campers.   They can live in the corner of your yard as a spare bedroom, playhouse, garden shed or extra storage space.

Take the first step and find out which size is best for you.  Then, click on the size you're most interested in.  You'll learn more about kits & pre-built models by size. 


Not sure when you'll be back?

  • 6' x 10'
  • 1400 lbs.


Hittin' the road for a few days?

  • 5' x 8'
  • 800 lbs.


Ready for a weekend at the beach?

  • 4' x 6'
  • 600 lbs.

Please check your vehicle for towing specifications.

Gypsy Wagon Peaceful Sunset.jpeg

Road Gypsy Wagons are heavily influenced by European Gypsy Vardos with a smidge of Yankee boat building.  Crafted by hand in Southern California, Road Gypsy Wagons are efficient, easy to customize, fun, & affordable. 

We're thinking since we like them, you will too. 

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