There are a few things we won't budge on. Here they are...

Road Gypsy Wagons

  • Customer must physically inspect a Road Gypsy Wagon before ordering

  • 50% down payment on build orders

  • Remaining balance due upon pick up at our shop

  • One year warranty on materials and workmanship

  • First annual maintenance package free!

Kits and Plans

  • Ship within one week unless otherwise stated

  • Are paid in full upon ordering

  • May be returned within 10 days if not satisfied

  • (Customer to pay return shipping charges)


Frequently Given Answers


What size Road Gypsy wagon can I tow? 

Check your owners manual or search online for your vehicle’s towing capacity. Then find the weights listed on this site for the wagons. Add the estimated weight of anything you want/need to haul in your wagon to the empty weight. This sum must be under your towing capacity. 

Where can I store my Road Gypsy wagon?

The Holiday can be rolled by hand to any convenient nook in your yard or garage. The Makation is designed to just fit into a standard garage opening. The Sabbatical will probably need to be stored outside, if you are short on this kind of space, you may have to look for RV storage. 

How long do they take to build? 

️Each Road Gypsy Wagon is built by hand. We usually have a few in stock, and those will be available immediately. If you would like a wagon built to order, they take about four weeks.

Can you build special features & custom add-ons?

If you want some simple cabinets, shelving, and/or slight modifications, we may be able to accommodate you. Tell us your ideas and we’ll see what we can do.

What is the roof covering? Is it waterproof?

The roof is covered with 12oz. canvas cloth encapsulated in waterproof glue, similar to how fiberglass is encapsulated in epoxy to build boats. By encapsulated we mean not just painted on, but four layers utilizing several gallons of glue. We then finish it with two coats of Sherwin-Williams high-performance pro-industrial coating. It is absolutely waterproof.

They look like they’re all wood. Aren’t modern building materials better?

Well, some people think high fructose corn syrup is better than sugar, too. The fact is that wood is the only substance known to man that can continuously flex without weakening, and has a phenomenal strength to weight ratio. Wood is a natural insulator, holds fasteners and glues well, and accepts a variety of finishes and paint. Wood requires far less fossil fuel to produce than plastic or metal, and is a truly renewable natural resource. And it looks great. We have no apologies for wood here, only a reverence.

Will Road Gypsy Wagons require a lot of maintenance?

No more than a small wooden shed. Keep the roof cleared off so it sheds water, and try to park it where it gets afternoon shade. A couple hours every season with a caulk gun and paint brush should keep you looking good.

Why is the roof curved? Is it strong enough? 

The curved roof on the Road Gypsy Wagon Is a traditional design used on everything from sailboats to street trolleys. It is based on the Roman Arch, which is the strongest form to span an opening. 

Isn’t that just a standard utility trailer under there?

Exactly. Lightweight, economical, but rugged. Engineered to be used by the masses for their every need. Like building a gypsy wagon.

That hardware looks like it came from the hardware store. Isn’t that stuff cheap?

That stuff is inexpensive. All those hooks and hinges have evolved over hundreds of years to become those standard hardware store items; getting the job done without any fuss. Nothing fancy here.

Does Road Gypsy finish the interiors of their wagons? 

Road Gypsy Wagons are built with primed walls, window curtains, and finished floors. We offer a shop manual to assist in designing and building your own interior, and sell system kits to help you complete your wagon.

I have never towed a trailer before. Where can I find information on hooking up and traveling safely?

Our trailer manufacturer, Carry on Trailers, has an online owners manual for bumper pull utility trailers that should answer any questions you may have.

Questions pertaining to options and ordering are answers on our

“Options and Order Form” PDF download.