Labor Day Camping with Lenore & Mike in Temecula, CA


Some of you may have seen a few pictures of Lenore, Mike, & their Road Gypsy Wagon on our Instagram.  That's because they love their Road Gypsy Wagon and are always eager to share their experiences with us.  This Labor Day 2017 was their first independent voyage. They hit the road to Dripping Springs Camp Ground in Temecula, CA.  It was only 110 degrees afterall...  

The first thing they noticed was how easy it was to set up.  Basically, just pop 2 stabilizer jacks in the back and you're good to go.  This particular campsite didn't offer hook ups, but, it was a-ok with them because their solar panel stayed fully charged.  There was a spring water tap & well toilets a few spots over.  

Next, everyone in the campsite came to say "Hi!" and see that cute little trailer.  As always, Mike & Lenore are happy to share their Road Gypsy Wagon story.  It's pretty special when someone goes from "Oh NO! I'll never go CAMPING." to "I want to go camping every weekend!!".  Lenore wasn't much for sleeping outdoors before their Road Gypsy Wagon.  But she's got the right spirit now.

Despite the heat, the wagon provided a great little retreat and comfy sleeping space.  They did bring a USB charged fan that ran all night.  They also set up a pop up tent in front of the wagon to provide some mid-day shade.  No picture of that though.  They were too busy drinking lemonade and playing Go-Fish.

All in all, their trip was a great success.  Lenore learned not to bring so much stuff, and Mike learned it's nice to have a few touches of home.  Can't wait to see where they go next!

Thanks to Mike & Lenore for sharing their Labor Day 2017 camping trip with us!  We sure love seeing our wagons being put to good use!  If you'd like to us to share your Road Gypsy Wagon story with us, just email it to us at