Road Gypsy: Simple Systems

Road Gypsy wagons are offered two ways: The utility model has an open interior for multiple uses or owner customization. The camper model has sleeping bunks and simple off grid systems installed.The electric system consists of a 12 watt solar panel mounted on the roof, wired to a 5 year Lithium Ion Battery Pack with USB charging functions. The three LED lamps are strategically located and all have their own switch. One day of full sun charging should power the lights for a half a week.

The water system consists of a 3 gallon supply tank plumed to a marine hand pump. the 13 inch hand sink drains to another 3 gallon waste tank. When you run out of water simply disconnect the tanks for convenient filling and draining. A medium cabinet with mirror is mounted above the sink.
The camper systems are simple, functioned, and economical; which is what Road Gypsy is all about.