The Philosophy of the

Road Gypsy

In a culture plagued with artificial ingredients and broken promises, 

Road Gypsy Wagons stand out as the real deal with their timeless designs handcrafted in wood.

Let us take you someplace forgotten...


Gypsy Wagons conjure images of exquisite traveling homes.  No matter where you are, you're home.  Well, that's what we were looking for.  A traveling home that could be towed with the car we already had.  Sounds simple enough.  But, when we started looking for small, light-weight, and affordable camper options we were sorely disappointed. 

So we figured we'd design our own.

We knew we wanted something special, something that didn't look like every other travel trailer.  We looked to the Gypsy vardos for inspiration.  We stayed true to their rounded roof, full sized door & windows, and unique feeling.  We maintained the Road Gypsy Wagon's structural integrity by using the highest quality materials we could find, while still working within the weight limits we were aiming for.  Finally, we made sure that we could easily adapt and adjust the interiors to suit our needs as they varied.  We are proud to share our Road Gypsy Wagons with you. We hope you love yours as much as we love ours. 

Why we love Road Gypsy Wagons...

  • Designed, constructed, and painted by hand
  • Wood construction allows for personal details
  • All sizes sleep two adults
  • Possibilities are endless