Who is Road Gypsy? 

In 1969, Mike Palencar watched Neil Armstrong’s moon landing on a black and white television set. That same year he helped (mainly watched) his dad build his first treehouse. He was six years old. Since then, Mike P. has built and/or lived in log cabins, T+G shacks, tents, jail cells, sailboats, RVs, and a dozen different gypsy wagons. He has learned a thing or two about building and living in small spaces. And he’s willing to share.

What are Road Gypsy Wagons?

Heavily influenced by Romany vardos and English Shepherd Huts, with a smidge of Yankee boat building, Road Gypsy Wagons are pretty much our vision of what a small travel trailer should be. They are lightweight, economical, and beautiful. Road Gypsy’s all wood construction is absurdly versatile. Exteriors can be painted any color and are a wonderful pallet for artistic accents. Interiors can be left open for utility purposes or finish to any degree the owner desires.

Where is Road Gypsy?

Our main shop is an old barn located between Halfway and Hopewell outside Hagerstown Maryland. We also like to assemble wagons in Southern California and are open to the possibility of building or delivering anywhere in between. Just ask.

Why a Road Gypsy Wagon?

Camper, playhouse, storage, vending, spare bedroom, hauling, garden shed, craft room. 

Start thinking about it!